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TangoBunny's Home (2013 Edition!)

Hey there!  Video game enthusiast TangoBunny here.  Who am I, you ask?  Let us find out together! 

Name: Tiffany
Location: England
Interests: ...well, see below!

I'm into things like... 

- Oranges and lemons!
- Surreal art!
- Comics!
- Game playthroughs and live streams!
- Anime!
- Rollercoasters!
- High energy pop/rock music!
- Sexy people!
- Haunted houses!
- Playing tennis!
- Odd Japanese Idol Culture!
- Silly video editing!
- Offbeat humour!
- Obstacle course game shows!
- Over the top horror movies!
- Magicians and psychological trickery!
- Cast iron puzzles!
- Young Adult novels!

 I thought you said you liked video games!

I do, it is true!  Just check out my backloggery!

I'm into computer and console games from all eras.
Here's a few of my favourites this past year!

- Cutesy JRPGs! (Atelier Iris series)
- Pinball games! (Pinball Dreams, Pinball Arcade, Zen Pinball)
- Visual Novels! (Ever 17, Remember11)
- Stylish fighters! (DOA5, Tekken Tag 2)
- Hidden object games! (Puppet Show)
- FMV Adventures! (Under a Killing Moon, The 7th Guest)
- Puzzle-Platform-Action! (Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia)
- KairoSoft games! (Game Dev Story, Grand Prix Story)
- Ancient Famicom VNs! (Oishinbo, Crystal Dragon)
- Awkward sexy games! (Rance, Man Enough)
- Gambling games! (Yakuza, mahjong, and slot machines!)
- Racing games! (DiRT 2, Need for Speed)
- Rhythm games! (Beatmania, Parappa the Rapper)

 Aren't you one of those weird deviant 'furries'?

Partially, but it'd be wise not to jump to any conclusions!

I don't believe I'm 'really a rabbit trapped in a girl's body' or anything silly like that.  It's just my online avatar! 

As for the deviant comment, I support open-mindedness and letting people be who they want to be, as long as they aren't directly harming anybody else. If this is 'deviant', then so be it!

I'm into both boys and girls, I'm into equal opportunities, and I personally believe that these things should not be considered taboo at all.  

Plus if that doesn't cover everything, feel free to e-mail me!

tiffany    sherrum    @    gmail    .    com 

Without any spaces of course, they're just a tiny effort to avoid spam.

Artwork by MasterGodai